From crayon on walls to paint on canvas, Cheryl Church has a rich history in art. She has experience working in oils, pastels, acrylics, clay, and graphite, as well as her favored medium, colored pencil. Church enjoys drawing  and painting, and always strives to catch the spirit of the subject. This is best illustrated throughout her Spiritual series, through which she integrated different cultures, dreams, and fantasies.

In addition to her passion for creating art, Church feels a great responsibility for passing art on to the next generation. “I enjoy the opportunity to show what I’ve learned through the years to students who have the desire to learn and grow within their chosen medium,” Church says of her position as an art teacher at Carthage High School. “It inspires me to see my students work and to have them succeed in competitions. It gives me great happiness to know that I took part in a student’s growth in the arts.”

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