The Perfect Escape – An Adventure on Route 66

“I really enjoy history as well as drawing.  When I started the Route 66 coloring book, I thought it would be neat to put in some facts and historical values along the way.  It went from a one sentence to a paragraph to a full page.  This is not a historical document but it is my discoveries as I have researched this topic for the last 8 months.  All of the stories that I have written about throughout this unique travel-coloring book were gathered from researching the World Wide Web, or as my husband says “the internets”, visiting with Tourism Bureau’s and people that I have met through my adventures on Route 66. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the plethora of information as well as the coloring experience.  If you have never traveled Route 66, I would highly recommend it.  Each experience I have had has been worth the adventure.

Book is $14.99, 8.5 x 11 and 81 pages. Click on Cart to Buy