“Perfect Escape – An Adventure into the Whimsical and Odd World of Cheryl Church” Adult Coloring Book

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls – Pablo Picasso

The Perfect Escape is a coloring book for all ages.  It contains a collection of illustrations and designs inspired by different animals.  Each drawing is an intricate piece of art, mixing various shapes and patterns.  Church shares her works to help others release their stress in a constructive manner.  

This book was featured int he 2017 Paris Book Fair at the Porte de Versailles, Paris, France.

“Often times we artist run into a painters block just as the writers of amazing stories hit writer’s block.  Artist minds become at ease when we create.  IF we lose our “mojo” we have a tendency to be grouchy as my husband says.  When I hit those  points of blockage I look into other avenues to still remain creative.  I turn to my sketchbook and I will take an old drawing, refurbishing it into something new or I may just take one of those sketches and color it bringing it to life through colored markers, pens, and coloring pencils.  I have created this book using my sketches in my sketchbook so that you too may bridge back over to the creative side, drenching the dry spell into color and life.  Everyone needs to cleanse their souls at some point in life.  We all have a little artistic side that can take a contour line drawing and make it come alive through colors of choice.  I sincerely hope that you “dust yourself off” through coloring of my Perfect Escape.”–Cheryl


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Julias Dream

Julias Dream – Page 11

True Seeing

True Seeing – Page 7

The Provider

The Provider – Page 9